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Resources for Students

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Resources for Students

Marketing & Publicity

The Cross-Cultural Center disseminates the CCC Weekly on Mondays during the academic year to share news, important updates, upcoming events, and special opportunities for affiliated and umbrella organizations and campus partners. If you would like to stay informed, join our mailing list, which can be found on the homepage. If your organization would like us to promote an event or opportunity, please submit relevant information to cccorgs@uci.edu by Wednesdays at noon. If you are sending a flyer, please send the image as a JPG or PNG not PDF. 

For additional resources, feel free to review information provided by the Office of Campus Organizations & Volunteer Programs.

Programming Support 

Our professional staff can provide guidance and support to your organization's programming needs. If your organization is affiliated with the Cross-Cultural Center, please contact our Associate Director to request a meeting at danielkp@uci.edu.

Room Reservations 

Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) affiliated with the Cross-Cultural Center receive priority when making room reservations. Campus departments and RCOs not affiliated with the Cross-Cultural Center can reserve our rooms based on availability at a later date each quarter. Any campus department or RCO (regardless of affiliation status) that makes a room reservation request within 3 business days of their event will incur a $25 fee. More information about room reservations.

Funding Opportunities

*Note that funding boards have been suspended indefinitely in light of COVID-19. Funding requests for 2020-2021 programs and events will not be reviewed during this time. Thank you for your understanding.

The Multicultural Programs Funding Board (MPFB) allocates funding to eligible student organizations that promote the Cross-Cultural Center’s values through educational programming. Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) that seek to host programs and events that foster and promote diversity and social justice education are eligible and highly encouraged to apply. Collaborative programming between campus organizations is encouraged. The committee members include students at the Cross-Cultural Center. A staff advisor is also present during the meetings.  

Step 1: Apply for funding.

  • Apply for funding via the Student Programming Funding Request Application. Log in using your UCInetID. 
  • Be sure to complete the form with as many details as possible. Please be thorough. Have your program and budget information readily accessible.

Other Important Information:

  • Note that the maximum allocation amount to any program is $300.
  • Programs must demonstrate a multicultural component to be considered. Please be thorough in your application and address the proposed program/event's reach, impact, and contributions to the campus community and beyond.
  • Note that are other funding sources are available. Inquire with Office of Campus Organizations & Volunteer Programs staff for more information.
  • Funding will only be granted for events that are planned for the current quarter. RCOc previously awarded funding from the MPFB are eligible to apply again; however, note that priority will be given to organizations not previously funded during the current academic year.

Step 2: Await status of your RCO's program proposal.

Once requests for funding for the current cycle have been reviewed, your organization will be contacted if your proposal was selected to receive funding. Proposals not selected to receive funding should receive an automated message.

Decisions are based on the alignment of your proposal in the following areas:

  • Cross-Cultural Center's mission and values
  • Educational scope
  • Impact and reach
  • Overall proposal and funding request

Along with sharing how your proposal covers the points above, be sure to include the following:

  • How will your organization publicize your event/program?
  • What is your organization requesting funding for from the MPFB? Be specific. Note that certain categories will not be funded (i.e., food, banquets). Refer to the chart that outlines what MPFB will and will not fund.

Step 3: Access your funds.

After receiving notification of your funding allocation, you will be directed to Student Government. Note that funding is not deposited into your organization's club account. You will need to request a check request form and be reimbursed. Questions regarding accessing your funds should be directed to Khajika Soyoltulga (Student Government) at ksoyoltu@uci.edu.

Step 4: Complete the program evaluation form.

Once your event or program has passed, you are required to complete a program evaluation form within five business days after your organization's program or event. Please return to the administrative offices on the third floor (ATTN: Daniel K. Park, Associate Director). Failure to complete and submit the evaluation form may jeopardize your organization's ability to secure future funding.

If you have further questions about the process, please contact our Associate Director at danielkp@uci.edu.