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ACTIVE Workshop Request

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ACTIVE Workshops for Campus Community

Request a peer dialogue workshop for your organization or group on diversity and social justice topics. Students in the ACTIVE Program are trained to facilitate the following workshops centered around diversity, social jusice, and critical consciousness. Workshops are highly interactive, engaging, and heavily discussion-based. You can submit your request here.

Workshops include:

  • Identity Corners: In this workshop, students share their personal stories to understand diverse perspectives and experiences, while providing a way for them to become aware of their own privileges and how that relates to institutional oppression.
  • Students of Color Tour: This is a campus walking tour of significant sites related to the history of student activism at UCI.
  • Community Cultural Wealth: This workshop, created by Tara J. Yosso, empowers students to reflect on their identities and experiences and view them as strengths, through a visual exercise.
  • Social Identities: Students will receive an introductory overview of social identities, power, privilege, and intersectionality as it relates to student identity development and allyship.

For more questions, please contact the ACTIVE Coordinators at active.cccuci@gmail.com and access the ACTIVE program website here.