UCI Cross-Cultural Center

Education & Empowerment Programs

Section 1

Activating Community Through Initiative, Vision, and Empowerment (ACTIVE, formerly known as REACH) is a leadership development program that prepares students to facilitate workshops for the campus community. Approximately 25 students enroll in two-quarter long for-credit classes. Students learn to engage in critical conversations and become leaders in their communities as they prepare to take action against social injustices. The program gives students the background and tools to organize around issues they care about creating a space of learning, empowerment, and healing for all students in the process. Students have the opportunity to assist with organizing campuswide events such as Deconstruction Zone. To learn more about the ACTIVE program, click here.

Deconstruction Zone comprises of thought-provoking exhibits, activities, and film screenings at the Cross-Cultural Center that explores different forms of oppression. The oppressions explored include but are not limited to racism, homophobia, ageism, xenophobia, sexism, and ableism. This annual event takes place during spring quarter.

De-Stress During Finals is a collaborative effort with the Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion. We provide snacks and self-care activities to help students de-stress during Finals Week each quarter.

Dynamic Womxn of UCI Awards, in collaboration with the Womxn's Hub, Campus Assault Resources and Education (CARE), LGBT Resource Center, celebrates and honors the incredible womxn who are leaders and role models who actively make a difference in our community. This is a one of a kind celebration that focuses on the womxn who inspire us to take action and fight for social justice.

Dr. Joseph L. White Lecture, named after the renowned UCI psychology professor and “Godfather of Black Psychology,” is a signature event as part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Symposium. Thought leaders who have previously delivered this annual lecture include Harry Belafonte, Yolanda King, Cornel West, and Lani Guinier.

Faculty-in-Residence Program involves faculty from across campus in which they hold office hours at the Cross-Cultural Center. Students can talk with faculty members about their work; research; graduate and professional school opportunities; and various personal, social, and political issues.

IDX: Identity Exploration Series (formerly known as Winter Leadership Seminars) is for students who are looking to continue their leadership growth. Seminars are created for students to: critically engage in conversations about how their identity affects and shapes their leadership qualities; acquire new skill sets; and, to prepare students to take action against social injustices. IDX includes: African American Leadership Seminar, Asian American Pacific Islander Leadership Seminar, Chicanx/Latinx Leadership Seminar, Diversity and Social Justice in the U.S. Seminar, and Racial Justice Ally Leadership Seminar.

Professional Development for Student Leaders Series is designed specifically for those aspiring to gain social and navigational capital to be successful at the institution, in the world of work, and society at large. Programs are culturally relevant to our diverse students and participants will engage in workshops and candid discussions on professional etiquette and communication, code-switching, networking, representation in social media, financial wellness, agency building, and how these topics relate to one’s cultural identity, societal norms, and stereotypes.

REAL Talk is a program that provides a space for students, faculty, and staff to come together and share their stories in an effort to address issues surrounding identity, social justice, and campus climate. REAL Talk consists of a weekly discussion space with themes ranging from “Unpacking White Supremacy” to exploring “Faces of Oppression.”