UCI Cross-Cultural Center

Community & Diversity Programs

Section 1

Across the Bridge: Diversity Dialogue Series consists of quarterly dialogues between international and domestic students on topics of diversity. International and domestic students share their personal stories and experiences on various topics over lunch. A select group of students lead and facilitate the conversations. This series is done in collaboration with the International Center and Study Abroad Center.

Community Roots Festival (formerly known as the Rainbow Festival) is a longstanding traditional festival dedicated to celebrate the different cultural communities on our campus. Attendees are afforded opportunities to learn about the cultural, social, and political roots of the various cultural communities from participating student and community-based organzations through educational displays, traditional food, and cultural performances.

Cross-Cultural Center Awards highlight and honor the faculty, staff, students, and organizations that have made a commitment to diversity and social justice on campus. Awards include the Praxis Award (student organization), Faculty/Staff Ally of the Year, and Legacy Award (graduating senior). The nominees and award recipients are announced at the annual Anteater Awards hosted by the Office of Campus Organizations & Volunteer Programs.

Cultural Graduation Celebrations are sponsored by student organizations to celebrate the accomplishments and highlight the achievements of graduating students who identify with a specific cultural group and heritage. Celebrations are intimate, festive, and culturally relevant and include several communities that call the Cross-Cultural Center their home.

Culture Nights are organized by our affiliated organizations in which they highlight and celebrate salient aspects of their respective communities. These events occur during spring quarter.

End of the Year Celebration is an opportunity for our affiliates, umbrella organizations, staff, and campus partners to celebrate accomplishments. Newly elected student organization leaders are introduced and graduating seniors are recognized.

#MyCultureIsNotYourCostume Campaign educates the broader campus community about cultural appropriation. Our campuswide campaign features students, faculty, and staff during the academic year on our social media accounts. 

#MyCultureIsNotYourCostume Campaign