UCI Cross-Cultural Center

Activism & Social Justice Programs

Section 1

Careers and Social Justice Series includes workshops/panels for students, leaders, and advocates affiliated with the Cross-Cultural Center and our partners. Workshops and dialogues focus on topics such as personal values, social and cultural identity, career exploration, identifying transferable skills, advocacy and social justice, and the relationship between majors and career goals.

Critical Consciousness Speaker Series consists of speakers who focus on the awareness of political and social issues that impact us everyday. They engage us in critically thinking about the actions that we as a society must take in order to liberate others and ourselves from the oppression present.

Cultural Wellness for Advocates and Allies Series aims to educate student advocates and allies on cultural wellness. Participants will engage in workshops, panels, and discussions on topics such as the role of allies, social justice burnout, managing emotions, self-advocacy, self-care, self-love, and how cultural wellness relates to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Multicultural Leadership Retreat (MLR) is a day-long retreat for student leaders dedicated to learning about the Cross-Cultural Center, developing student leadership skills, and meeting and networking with the professional staff and affiliated student organizations of the Cross-Cultural Center. The MLR is also a great time for students to be a part of our strategic planning efforts as participants reflect on the Cross-Cultural Center's mission, vision, and values and how their own organizational mission connects to our center's mission, values, and vision. 

Social Justice in Action Series consists of quarterly workshops that emphasize “hard” skills and capacity development in order to take action on the critical issues and problems of today’s society. Various individual and local activist organizations present the various forms of action including direct service, education, self-help, advocacy, and organizing. This series combines the theory, practice and lived experiences of participants in order to build a more just world.

Summer Multicultural Leadership Institute (SMLI) is a three-day program that provides 50 incoming first-year student leaders the opportunity to meet fellow student leaders and learn about campus life, leadership, and various social issues that impact the campus community. Participants engage in unique workshops and challenging dialogues focused on topics such as cultural identity, social movements, free speech, and conflict resolution. Students are invited to apply in late June.

Queer & Race Series, in collaboration with the LGBT Resource Center, aims to explore the intersection between racial, gender, and sexual identities. All students are welcome to join in these discussions.

Critical Consciousness Speaker Series, Winter 2017

Summer Multicultural Leadership Institute (SMLI), 2016