UCI Cross-Cultural Center

Affiliation Process for Registered Campus Organizations

Section 1

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The Cross-Cultural Center's affiliation process is for Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) interested in getting more involved with us and whose mission aligns with our six values: Activism, Social Justice, Community, Education, Empowerment, and Diversity

In order to affiliate with the Cross-Cultural Center, your RCO must follow these steps:

1. Re-register.
Re-register with the Office of Campus Organizations & Volunteer Programs and pay the registration fee. This is not automatic even if your organization was recognized as an RCO during the past academic year. Be sure to indicate your organization's request to affiliate with the Cross-Cultural Center during the registration process. You will be contacted by our staff in regards to your RCO's affiliation status. For questions about the re-registration process, please contact the Office of Campus Organizations & Volunteer Programs at (949) 824-5181.

2. Familiar yourself with the Cross-Cultural Center's hxstory and values.

Please review our center's rich hxstory to familiarize yourself with our mission and values here. Your RCO's values should allign with ours. 

3. Review and understand the benefits of affiliating with us and your organization's responsibilities.
Read and understand the benefits of affiliating with the Cross-Cultural Center and your RCO's responsibilities to maintain your affilitation status, which you can find below. Share this information with your organization so they can utilize the Cross-Cultural Center and our resources.

4. Meet with the Assistant Director of the Cross-Cultural Center.

At least two authorized signers from each organization must be present during this meeting.

5. Attend quarterly affiliates meetings.
Your organization must attend quarterly affiliates meetings at the Cross-Cultural Center. These meetings are mandatory and are faciliated by our professional staff. Each RCO must send at least two board members to these meetings. Quarterly meetings usually occur Friday of Week 2 each quarter. More information is communicated in advance to all affiliates.

6. Participate in the EMPOWER Leadership Summit.
Your organization must send at least one board member to the EMPOWER Leadership Summit in the fall. The leadership summit provides opportunities for student leaders to connect with other affiliated Registered Campus Organizations. 

7. Engage in the community.
Your RCO's affiliation with the Cross-Cultural Center requires active engagement. We expect your organization's participation in our sponsored programs and events. The Cross-Cultural Center is only as great as you make it!

8. Uphold the Cross-Cultural Center's policies regarding our room reservation process and facilities.
Your organization is asked to assist in upholding our polices to ensure that the facility continues to be our "home." Please make sure that our facilities are well-maintained and can be shared by all members of our community.


  • Provide input on our signature programs (i.e., Community Roots Festival) via opportunities to participate in planning committees.
  • Receive priority when reserving our rooms and facilities each quarter.
  • Receive CCC Weekly and quarterly updates regarding unique leadership opportunities, facillity updates, room reservation process, and resources.
  • Be invited to special speaker events, VIP receptions, leadership programs, and trainings.
  • Be advised on relevant topics such as event planning, budgeting, dialogue facilitation, and risk management by our professional staff.
  • Gain access to our publicity tools including the CCC Weekly and social media accounts.
  • Network with other student groups engaged in diversity and social justice education, activism, advocacy, and community engagement.
  • Receive discounted rate of $25 for one academic year with access to A/V equipment in the Dr. Joseph L. White Room.
  • Obtain information about relevant leadership and internship opportunities and upcoming on-campus events.
  • Secure additional funding for your RCO through participation in our mural contest during the Community Roots Festival and other opportunities.
  • Receive faxing privileges.


  • Must uphold the Cross-Cultural Center's values: ASCEED (Activism, Social Justice, Community, Education, Empowerment, Diversity).
  • Promote and regularly attend Cross-Cultural Center sponsored events during the academic year.
  • Attend quarterly affiliates meetings.
  • Communicate your RCO's events to cccorgs@uci.edu. Your RCO's events will be featured in the CCC Weekly. The deadline for submission is Wednesday at noon each week. 
  • Collaborate with and co-sponsor at least one event with another affiliate or umbrella organization.
  • Meet with the Assistant Director of the Cross-Cultural Center for guidance and support with program and event planning as needed.