UCI Cross-Cultural Center

Room Reservations for Registered Campus Organizations

Room Reservations for Registered Campus Organizations

The Cross-Cultural Center offers spaces for registered campus organizations (RCOs) to organize various programs and events, facilitate meetings, and hold rehearsals for cultural performances. To reserve one of our rooms, please review the details below.

2022-2023 Reservation Windows

Room reservations at the Cross-Cultural Center operate on a quarter-to-quarter and first-come, first-served basis. Please review the table below to learn when your organization is eligible to make room reservations.

Beginning in Fall 2022, the CCC will be introducing a more efficient process. We have transitioned from using setmore (an appointment based reservation) to campus groups where organizations can submit their request using our room reservation forms.

Before submitting a reservation, please review this CCC Calendar to see if the room you want is available! No more emailing to check availabilty. Simply check the calendar which will be updated each week! 

Making Reservations for Fall Quarter 2022

Fall Quarter begins September 19, 2022.

Registered Campus Organizations (Students)



CCC Affiliated Student Organizations

Monday, August 29, 2022 (Reservation Appointments Begin)

ASUCI Commissions

Monday, September 5, 2022 (Reservation Appointments Begin - Students Email Stephanie)

Non-Affiliated Student Organizations

Monday, September 12, 2022 (Reservation Appointments Begin

Making Reservations for Winter Quarter 2022

Winter Quarter begins January 9, 2022.

Registered Campus Organizations (Students)



CCC Affiliated Student Organizations

Monday, November 28, 2022 (Reservation Appointments Begin)

ASUCI Commissions

Monday, December 5, 2022 (Reservation Appointments Begin - Students Email Stephanie)

Non-Affiliated Student Organizations

Monday, December 12, 2022 (Reservation Appointments Begin

Reservation Process

Step 1: Watch the Cross-Cultural Center Reservations COOL Module.

Authorized signers who are intending to make room reservations at the Cross-Cultural Center on behalf of their RCO are required to complete the Cross-Cultural Center's Reservations COOL module and pass the quiz that follows. You can find this learning module linked here. Signers will not be eligible to process room reservation requests with the Cross-Cultural Center until they have completed the module and passed the quiz.

Step 2: Complete the Cross-Cultural Center COOL Module Quiz

After completing the COOL Module, the authorized signer making the room reservation request must take the COOL Module Quiz. You can find this quiz linked here. 

Step 3: Submit Room Reservation Request on Campus Groups

When submitting your room reservation request, identify the room you would like to reserve for your event and check CCC Google Calendar to see its availability. 

The Cross-Cultural Center has three reservable multipurpose rooms: the Ring Room, the Dr. Joseph L. White Room, and the Board Room. Identify the room that works best for your meeting or event using the details below.

A/V Technology     
Max Capacity     
Lecture Seating Capacity     
Ring Room Yes 100 75 13 75
Dr. White Room Yes 200 120 28 120
Board Room No 19 10 1 15

After identifying the space for your reservation, authorized signers can submit the formal request on campus groups. There are two forms available. 

Campus Groups Form for FALL QUARTER:

Recurring Room Reservations - Only available for affiliiates once per quarter. Any additional recurring room reservaiton requests for affiliates will be reviewed before approving

One-Time Room Reservations - Available to affiliates and non-affiliates. For affiliates multiple one-time room reservations can be made per quarter, but for non-affiliates only two one-time room reservation can be made per quarter.  

Campus Groups Form for WINTER QUARTER:

Winter Quarter Room Reservation Form - Available to all recognized student organizations and ASUCI commissions. Visit the link to view how to process your room reservation (recurring and one-time). 

Room reservations carry a 3-hour maximum limit, including time for set up and clean up.

Step 4: Wait and Review your reservation confirmation.

Cross-Cultural Center staff will review your room reservation request. Room reservations will be completed withing 72 business hours. The signer who has submitted the request will receive an email containing your signed reservation confirmation. This email will be sent to the primary contact listed on the reservation. Be sure to review the reservation confirmation in its entirety to ensure all information is accurate. If you need to make any changes to or cancel your reservation, please notify us immediately.

If there is an issue with your room reservation, you will receive notice via CampusGroups. 

If you have any questions about room reservations, please email uciccc@uci.edu


Important Information Related to COVID-19

Please visit UCI Forward to stay connected with all campus guidance connected to COVID-19 and the transition back to campus.

Please note that all individuals on campus or at UCI health facilities, including students, staff, faculty, and visitors, are required to wear a mask or face covering while indoors, regardless of vaccination status, except when alone in an enclosed space, as of August 2, 2021. Campus visitors attending events at the Cross-Cultural Center should review the new guidance for campus visitors/non-affiliates that addresses face coverings, vaccination status, and meeting attendance. This update is in line with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the California Department of Public Health’s recent recommendations on masking and face coverings. Please refer to the Chancellor’s revised executive directive on face coverings for details.

Due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the status of in-person events may change at any time to align with campus or public health directives. These possible adjustments may impact in-person events at the Cross-Cultural Center. The staff will contact groups with reservations if new directives will impact events.