UCI Cross-Cultural Center

Room Reservations for UCI Departments

Room Reservations for UCI Departments

The Cross-Cultural Center offers spaces for campus departments to organize various meetings, programs, and events. To reserve one of our rooms, please review the details below. 


2023-2024 Reservation Windows

Room reservations at the Cross-Cultural Center operate on a quarter-to-quarter and first-come, first-served basis. Please review the table below to learn when your organization is eligible to make room reservations.

Before submitting a reservation, please review this CCC Calendar to see if the room you want is available. This calendar is updated daily to reflect room reservations that the CCC receives.

Making Reservations for Summer 2023

Summer room reservations will be for June 19, 2023 - September 22, 2023. Room Reservations are available for UCI Departmnets.

Making Reservations for Fall 2023

The Fall 2023 room reservation form will open on September 4, 2023 at 10:00am for all UCI Departments. 

If you have any questions, please email uciccc@uci.edu.

Room Reservation Process

Step 1: Watch the Cross-Cultural Center Reservations COOL Module.

Room reservation requestors (authorized student organization signers, event planners for ASUCI Commission and UCI Department) who are intending to make room reservations at the Cross-Cultural Center on behalf of their RCO, ASUCI Commission, & UCI Department are required to complete the Cross-Cultural Center's Reservations COOL module and pass the quiz that follows. You can find this learning module linked here. Signers will not be eligible to process room reservation requests with the Cross-Cultural Center until they have completed the module and passed the quiz.

Step 2: Complete the Cross-Cultural Center COOL Module Quiz

After completing the COOL Module, the authorized signer making the room reservation request must take the COOL Module Quiz. You can find this quiz linked here. 

Step 3: Review CCC Calendar

When submitting your room reservation request, identify the room you would like to reserve for your event and check CCC Google Calendar to see its availability. 

The Cross-Cultural Center has three reservable multipurpose rooms: the Ring Room, the Dr. Joseph L. White Room, and the Board Room. Identify the room that works best for your meeting or event using the details below.

A/V Technology     
Max Capacity     
Lecture Seating Capacity     
Ring Room Yes 100 75 13 75
Dr. White Room Yes 200 120 28 120
Board Room No 19 10 1 15

After identifying the space for your reservation, authorized signers can submit the formal request on campus groups. 

Step 4: Submit Room Reservation Request on Campus Groups

Summer Room Reservation Form - Available to all recognized student organizations authorized signers, ASUCI commissioners, and UCI Department.

Visit the link to submit your room reservation request. Room reservations carry a 4-hour maximum limit, including time for set up and clean up.

Fall 2023 Room Reservation Form - Available to all recognized student organizations, ASUCI commissions, and UCI Department. Visit the link to view how to process your room reservation. 

Room reservations carry a 4-hour maximum limit, including time for set up and clean up.

Step 5: Wait, Review your reservation details, and complete CCC Room Reservation Docusign

Cross-Cultural Center staff will review your room reservation request. Room reservations will be completed within 72 business hours (3 business days). The room reservation requestor who has submitted the request will receive all notifications via Campus Groups chat. CCC Staff will notify if the event can be accomodated at the CCC. All updates will be sent to the room reservation requestor. Be sure to check Campus Groups regularly.

Once CCC staff has approved your reservation and placed it on our reservation tool, you will be notified to complete a CCC Room Reservation Contract on docusign. This must be completed within 2 business days or your event will be removed from the CCC calendar. Your event will have a temporary hold until a compelte docusign is received.

Step 6: Complete Room Reservation

Once a complete Docusign is received and signed by a CCC staff, the hold on your event will be removed. You may confirm this by checking the CCC Calendar. CCC staff will also send a summary of your room reservation. This email will be sent by uciccc@uci.edu

After completing all these steps, your event is confirmed and approved. Please save a copy of the summary and signed contract. 

If you need to make any changes to or cancel your reservation, please notify us immediately. If there is an issue with your room reservation, you will receive notice via CampusGroups. 

If you have any questions about room reservations, please email uciccc@uci.edu.