Transformative Leadership Academy

  • Promoting equity for students
  • Creating positive and inclusive spaces to have difficult dialogues
  • Enhancing the overall campus climate at UCI
  • Developing cultural competency
  • Understanding how to work with others from diverse backgrounds

Mission and Goal

Transformative Leadership Academy is a comprehensive leadership course for first-year students. It is an experiential leadership course where students learn leadership essential and explore how their leadership impacts others.

This program is geared to recruit, select, and prepare passionate, high potential students to assume leadership roles at UCI. It is specifically designed for those whose goal is to become campus leaders who will enhance the campus climate.

The Academy offers a customized development experience specifically tailored for student leaders who want to learn more about influencing the campus so that the campus community realizes the benefits of a healthy and vital campus climate. Members of the Academy will develop the feeling of empowerment to improve the campus climate and create a welcoming environment, including confidence to address issues among peers as they arise. In doing so, they will come to understand what is required to build for change and future-oriented leaders who understand social systems and their critical function in shaping the higher education experience.

Program Requirements

Participants are selected prior to Fall Quarter. Individuals selected must register into the class each quarter for the academic year. The course requires individuals to explore their own leadership through transformational leadership activities, small and large group discussions, and reflection. Selected applicants will be accepted expected to attend class regularly, participate actively in dialogues, and complete class assignments.

Your commitment to Transformative Leadership Academy will benefit you by providing:

  • 2.0 units of academic credit for each quarter
  • Facilitated discussions by administrators
  • Opportunities to impact campus.
  • Personal growth and empowerment.


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