Multicultural Programs Funding Committee                                                                  

The Multicultural Programs Funding Committee (MPFC) allocates funding to eligible student organizations that are seeking to promote the CCC values through programming. Registered campus organizations seeking to host programs and events that foster and encourage diversity, education, and social justice are eligble to apply. Collaborative programming between campus organizations is highly encouraged. 

The commitee members include CCC Volunteers and representatives from the CCC Umbrella Organizations. A staff advisor is also present at the funding meetings.  

Be sure to check out all the information below about the MPFC.  If you have any questions you can contact the Cross-Cultural center at (949) 824-7215.

Review the following before applying for funding:

Submission Deadline

Fall 2016

November 14, 2016

Winter 2017

January 16, 2017 

February 13, 2016

March 6, 2017

Spring 2017

April 10, 2017

May 8, 2017

May 22, 2017





Step 1: Apply for Funding

-Apply for funding on the Student Programming Funding Request Application. Log in with your UCInetID and password.
-Be sure to complete the form with as many details as possible; have your program and budget information handy. 
-It must be submitted by 4pm on the deadline date
-The program/event must not have passed prior to the submission deadline or meeting date. 

Other Important Information: 
-Maximum Allocation Amount to any program is $200
-A representative from the organization will be contacted by a member of the Cross-Cultural Center following the submittal deadline.
-Programs must demonstrate a multicultural component to be considered.
-Funding will NOT be granted for events that have occured prior to the organization's scheduled MPFC deadline EXCEPT for the first meeting in Fall Quarter. 

Funding Website

Step 2: Application Review

The MPFC Chair will contact you to follow up about your status. 

Once the funding review is finished, you will be contacted within a week about the funding decision.

Decisions are based on the alignment of your proposal in the following areas:
-CCC Mission/Values
-Educational Scope
-Community Development
-Overall Proposal/Funding Request

Along with sharing how your proposal covers the points above, be sure to include the following:
-How are you publicizing your event/program?
-What in specific are you requesting funding for from this board?

Step 3: Getting your money

After receiving notification of your funding allocation, you will be directed to the ASUCI Office.
From there, you will meet with an ASUCI Staff member and have your money transferred to your club account.

Funding will be allocated prior to event. However, if funding needs to be done as a reimbursement, remember to keep all receipts! 

Step 4: Evaluation Form

Once your event or program has passed, you are required to complete a program evaluation form within 2 weeks.
This form can be found here. Failing to finish the evaluation form may compromise future funding.

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Below are some important documents to reveiw before applying for funding.
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  • Remember to let our board know of any changes in your funding request.
  • Be prepared for your interview.  Anyone who is coming to the meeting should know why funds are being requested, and how they intend to use the funds.  
  • Be sure to review the "Where's the Money?" Handout
  • The Cross-Cultural Center Staff is here to help you prepare, plan and execute funding plans, be sure to utilize that resource.
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Past Recipients

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) - Chinese Culture Night
Pilipino-Americans in Social Science (PASS) - Conference for Asian Pacific Pre-Professionalism
SPICAMACY - Uday Bhawalker Singing Concert
Kabayan - 32nd Annual Pilipino American Culture Night
Mock Trial - West Coast Mock Trial
Kabayan - Pilipino American History Month
Konnect - Korean - Japanese Community Cultural Exchange
Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS) - ilLUMinate/Medical Student Mentorship Program
Pilipino-Americans in Social Studies (PASS) - Pursuing Your Passion: The Entertainment Industry
Tomo no Kai - Day of Rememberance
Tomo no Kai - 24th Annual Cultural Night
Sigma Lambda Gamma Nat'l Sorority Inc - The 2nd Annual Culture Shock
Jodaiko - Spring Concert
Kababayan at UC Irvine - Kababayan Summit
Asian Pacific Student Association - Asian Pacific American Awareness Conference

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