CCC Affiliation

The Cross-Cultural Center Affiliation process is for campus organizations that are looking to involve themselves with the CCC and whose mission aligns with the CCC values-- Activism, Social Justice, Community, Education, Empowerment, and Diversity.  See below to learn more about the process, benefits, and responsibilities.

Affiliation Process

In order to become an affiliate with the Cross-Cultural Center, your organization should follow these steps:

Re-register with Student Life & Leadership and pay the registration fee. Be sure to include your CCC Affiliation during registration. You will be contacted by one of the CCC staff members after registration to meet and approve your affiliation.  For more information about re-registration visit Campus Organizations REGISTRATION.

Read and understand all "Cross-Cultural Center Affiliated Student Organization Benefits" which you can find above. Share those benefits with your organization so they can utilize the CCC.

After registration, the organization must attend the CCC Quarterly Affiliates Mandatory Meeting.  For campus organizations that have not affiliated last year, two board members are asked to meet with one of the CCC Staff.  All organizations are required to meet with CCC staff at least once a quarter.

Affiliation with the CCC requires an active engagement in the CCC community. Be sure to take a look at "Cross-Cultural Center Student Organization Affiliated Benefit and Responsibilities” to learn more about how to engage.  The CCC is only as great as you make it!

Your organization is asked to assist in upholding the CCC polices to ensure that the facility continues to be our "home". The policies include CCC Room Reservation and Multicultural Programming Committee policies.

** Affiliation is contingent upon Cross-Cultural Center Approval**


  • Gain access to information about leadership opportunities and on-campus events related to cultural specific communities.
  • Receive CCC weeklies and quarterly updates with room reservations and facility updates, leadership opportunities, organization’s events/programs, and department resources.
  • Be invited to special speaker events, programs and trainings.
  • Be advised on event planning, budgeting, facilitation and risk management.
  • Have access to CCC publicity tools including CCC Weeklies newsletter and resource materials.
  • Opportunities for co-sponsorship.
  • Network with student groups and staff engaged in social justice, ethnic specific programming and community engagement.
  • Faxing privileges.
  • Participate in CCC Events at discounted rates.
  • Discounted rate of $20 for ONE ACADEMIC YEAR access to the Audio Visual Equipment in the Dr. White Room.
  • Participate and provide input in creating CCC programs.


  • Must uphold the CCC values: ASCEED (Activism, Social Justice, Community, Education, Education, Empowerment, Diversity)
  • Attend CCC Sponsored events throughout the year
  • Attend planning meetings for one of the following:
    • Critical Consciousness Speakers Series— planning meetings Fall week 2-9 (Mondays 11:30am-12pm)
    • Contemporary Social Issues Series —planning meetings Fall week 2-9 (Mondays 12-12:45pm)
  • Attend Programs under the following areas: Diversity & Social Justice Education, Cultural Wellness & Personal Development, Service Learning & Volunteer Programs, and Multicultural Leadership Development.
  • Attend Quarterly CCC Affiliates Mandatory Meetings Week 2 of Winter and Spring quarters (Fridays, Jan. 16 &  April 10 at 3pm)
  • Communicate your events to to be put in the CCC Weeklies.  Go HERE to find out more about publicizing.
  • You are encouraged to work collaboratively and co-sponsor with another organization.
  • Meet with CCC staff for advise.