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CCC Intern Program

The Cross-Cultural Center Intern Program is a yearlong internship program that enables students to gain valuable leadership skills and develope cultural competency around a variety of issues. Students are chosen to be CCC interns with a variety of responsibilities that help fulfill the mission of the CCC. All interns take part in professional, cultural, and personal development workshops and engage in difficult dialogues that promote the well being of the CCC and UCI. Applications are available at the beginning of spring quarter.

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The program is designed so that students that participate in the CCC Intern Program, will be able to:

1. Develop and understand administrative competencies:

Develop skills in managing their time effectively.
Understand the intricacies of the Cross-Cultural Center and its partnerships.
Develop an understanding of and demonstrate effective programming skills.
Begin to understand effective evaluation and/or assessment strategies and purpose.
Begin to understand effective budget practices.
Understand how to develop work-life balance and healthy living.
Understand how to network and utilize your resources.

2. Understand and utilize strengths-based leadership theory and practice:

Demonstrate knowledge of strengths-based leadership theory from Gallup
Demonstrate knowledge of and begin to utilize individual strengths in leadership.
Demonstrate an awareness of others' unique strengths and how they utilize them.
Understand how strength dynamics can benefit working teams.
Understand how individual strengths can sometimes be interpreted as a disadvantage in working relationships.
Understand how to utilize strengths in interviews and for career discovery.
Demonstrate skills in being a mentor/ally/advocate for others. 

3. Gain cultural competency:

Begin to understand and demonstrate cross-cultural communication skills.
Develop awareness and sensitivity to one another's differences with regards to culture, experience, thought, and points of view.
Develop a deep understanding of one's own and' multiple identities, cultural backgrounds, worldviews, and comfort levels.
Develop a personal framework to participate in difficult dialogues.

4. Demonstrate the ability to work in teams effectively:

Develop an understanding about the process of reaching consensus.
Understand various strategies in maintaining organizational excellence.
Demonstrate skills in delegation, multi-tasking, and troubleshooting.
Develop skills to empower others in working towards a common goal.
Understand strategies of how to support team members in order to sustain a healthy working environment.