MLK Jr. Symposium 17

Dr. Joseph L. White Biography

This lecture is dedicated and named after Dr. Joseph L. White. Dr. White received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 1961, making him the fist African-American to receive a Ph.D. in Child Psychology. Dr. White began his professional career in the California State University of Long Beach (CSULB). He was recruited to the University of California, Irvine in 1967 to teach in the field of Psychology, Psychiatry and Comparative Culture.

At UC Irvine, Dr. White had an instrumental role in the establishment of the Counseling Center, and the creation of the Education Opportunity Programs in California, the founding of the National Association of Black Psychologist. Other achievements include founding the national Association of Black Psychologists (NABP), a number of publications including an article in Ebony Magazine entitled: “Toward a Black Psychology.” Dr. White’s many accolades include the Inaugural Henry Tomes Award.

In 2001, the Cross-Cultural Center established the Dr. Joseph L. White Lecture to commemorate the work on racial understanding that Dr. White has promoted throughout his years at UC Irvine.

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