Social Justice in Action Series

The Social Justice In Action Series is a series of quarterly workshops that emphasize “hard” skills and capacity development in order to take action on the critical issues and problems of today’s society. Various individual and local activist organizations present the various forms of action including direct service, education, self-help, advocacy, and organizing. This series combines the theory, practice and lived experiences of participants in order to build a more just world.

Fall 2015

Creating Social Change: Weapons of Choice
Week 6: February 10 | 6 - 7:30pm | Dr. White Room, Cross-Cultural Center
What methods fits who you are? Expose yourself to different methods of social action such as direct service, advocacy, education. Different community members will be present to talk about how they use their line of work to address social justice.

creating social change: weapons of choice

Fall 2015

The Intersection of Our Struggles
Week 6: November 4 | 6 - 7pm | Dr. White Room, Cross-Cultural Center
Come hear dynamic speakers who have used their skills and passion in addressing social issues to make a difference in the community. Food provided!

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